The events that occur at The little Kingdom are Sports day, children’s day, teacher’s day, mother’s day, grandparent’s day, rakhi calebration, dussehra celebration and diwali celebration.

Besides this, the religious festivals like Janamashtami, Gurpurab, Eid and Christmas are also celebrated in the school.

Education transcends the classroom. Not all topics lend themselves to classroom instruction. Many of life's lessons are learned outside of a structured environment. Parents should not expect school to teach all of life's lessons. For example, it has been discovered that if children do not have a stable and loving home, attempts to teach respect and acceptance are not successful.

There are various other activities and competitions that are held from time to time, for example, bank activity, post office activity, vegetable & fruit shop activity, mcdonalds activity, stage activity, ball pool activity, computer activity, splash pool activity, singing competition, dance competition and fancy dress competition.s